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Prestashop catalog price rule


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I'm new to prestashop, I'm on the way to launch my store, I want to apply a discount if customer buy 1x product A, 1x product B, 1x product c from the same manufacturer, or the other way is if customer bought quantity of 3 from specific manufacturer then they will have price reduction for each the item.

I tried catalog price rule on the back office and already create one the "from quantity" only works for specific products, not for the whole quantity on the chart.

I have tried to put "from quantity =  2" I put 2 different products on the cart from same manufacturer but it don't apply the discount. But if I put "from quantity =  1" then the price reduction applied on the cart after I put one products.

Is there anyway to make it works on my case, to have the "from quantity" count from the total quantity on the cart on on individual product quantity ? 


Thanks in advanced.



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