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Can anybody post a full list of email templates placeholders (i.e. {FIRSTNAME}, {LASTNAME}, {total_products}, {total_paid} and etc.)?

Specifically I need this data in order confirmation email: 

Products total tax excl. ({total_products} has tax incl.)
Shipping total tax excl. ({total_shipping} has tax incl.)
Total discounts tax excl. ({total_discounts} tax incl.)
Total tax excl. (standart template doesn't have this)
Total tax ({total_tax_paid} has tax value of products total without discounts)
Total paid ({total_paid} is ok!)

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You can see all the order confirmation data on lines 692-742 of classes/PaymentModule.php in PrestaShop v1.6.0.14:

						$data = array(
						'{firstname}' => $this->context->customer->firstname,
						'{lastname}' => $this->context->customer->lastname,
						'{email}' => $this->context->customer->email,
						'{delivery_block_txt}' => $this->_getFormatedAddress($delivery, "\n"),
						'{invoice_block_txt}' => $this->_getFormatedAddress($invoice, "\n"),
						'{delivery_block_html}' => $this->_getFormatedAddress($delivery, '<br />', array(
							'firstname'	=> '<span style="font-weight:bold;">%s</span>',
							'lastname'	=> '<span style="font-weight:bold;">%s</span>'
						'{invoice_block_html}' => $this->_getFormatedAddress($invoice, '<br />', array(
								'firstname'	=> '<span style="font-weight:bold;">%s</span>',
								'lastname'	=> '<span style="font-weight:bold;">%s</span>'
						'{delivery_company}' => $delivery->company,
						'{delivery_firstname}' => $delivery->firstname,
						'{delivery_lastname}' => $delivery->lastname,
						'{delivery_address1}' => $delivery->address1,
						'{delivery_address2}' => $delivery->address2,
						'{delivery_city}' => $delivery->city,
						'{delivery_postal_code}' => $delivery->postcode,
						'{delivery_country}' => $delivery->country,
						'{delivery_state}' => $delivery->id_state ? $delivery_state->name : '',
						'{delivery_phone}' => ($delivery->phone) ? $delivery->phone : $delivery->phone_mobile,
						'{delivery_other}' => $delivery->other,
						'{invoice_company}' => $invoice->company,
						'{invoice_vat_number}' => $invoice->vat_number,
						'{invoice_firstname}' => $invoice->firstname,
						'{invoice_lastname}' => $invoice->lastname,
						'{invoice_address2}' => $invoice->address2,
						'{invoice_address1}' => $invoice->address1,
						'{invoice_city}' => $invoice->city,
						'{invoice_postal_code}' => $invoice->postcode,
						'{invoice_country}' => $invoice->country,
						'{invoice_state}' => $invoice->id_state ? $invoice_state->name : '',
						'{invoice_phone}' => ($invoice->phone) ? $invoice->phone : $invoice->phone_mobile,
						'{invoice_other}' => $invoice->other,
						'{order_name}' => $order->getUniqReference(),
						'{date}' => Tools::displayDate(date('Y-m-d H:i:s'), null, 1),
						'{carrier}' => ($virtual_product || !isset($carrier->name)) ? Tools::displayError('No carrier') : $carrier->name,
						'{payment}' => Tools::substr($order->payment, 0, 32),
						'{products}' => $product_list_html,
						'{products_txt}' => $product_list_txt,
						'{discounts}' => $cart_rules_list_html,
						'{discounts_txt}' => $cart_rules_list_txt,
						'{total_paid}' => Tools::displayPrice($order->total_paid, $this->context->currency, false),
						'{total_products}' => Tools::displayPrice($order->total_paid - $order->total_shipping - $order->total_wrapping + $order->total_discounts, $this->context->currency, false),
						'{total_discounts}' => Tools::displayPrice($order->total_discounts, $this->context->currency, false),
						'{total_shipping}' => Tools::displayPrice($order->total_shipping, $this->context->currency, false),
						'{total_wrapping}' => Tools::displayPrice($order->total_wrapping, $this->context->currency, false),
						'{total_tax_paid}' => Tools::displayPrice(($order->total_products_wt - $order->total_products) + ($order->total_shipping_tax_incl - $order->total_shipping_tax_excl), $this->context->currency, false));

You can find the PDF data also in $data variables in the files in the classes/pdf directory.

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How can I insert a plceholder to place a product image thimbnail to the order confirmations / notifications?

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