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Price calculation for products with minimum quantity


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Hey guys,


I have a big problem and hope someone can help me with it:


I have a product, for example, with a minimum quantity of 5 pieces.

Every piece cost about 100€.

If the customer opens this product, it directly shows 500€ for the 5 pieces. Thats perfect so far.


If this product has an option, and the customer changes this option, the price switches to 100€ and the quantity field still shows 5 pieces.

Now it looks like 5 pieces cost 100€ but the option didn´t changed the price.

If the customer changes the quantity it shows the right price again. But the customer has to change it once.


I hope anybody can help me with this problem.

If it´s a big deal to program this, it won´t be for free.

Details and links to show the problem, by PM.


Thanks so far...



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