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Dynamic, Multi Stage Attribute Selection


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Hi everybody


I'm having a real problem with Prestashop 1.6 right now, regarding attributes. Here is what I need:


Say I have product A. This can be one of two attributes, red or blue. This works fine, but then each of these have different sizes, so red could be 100cm and 150cm, whilst blue would be 200cm and 500cm.


In addition, if you select blue, there is an additional selection that red doesn't have, e.g. shape.


Is there anyway that you can have a attribute selection list that dynamically updates based on what the user selects? A paid module would be fine if there are no free solutions.

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Not aware of a free module to do this but this one might do what you need - it has layered attributes. There is a standard version as well that may also do what you need. This is from a regular contributor here so support with be good (which is important because waiting for days is not good for live shops in the event a problem does arise)



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