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Add 'From' to price on Product List if there are attributes

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Hi all,


I'm working on a website where some products have attributes which will vary in price. So for example, a bag of dog food at 1kg may be £10. A 2kg bag may be £18. These would be variations/attributes of one product.


So as not to mislead customers, on the product list, we'd like to introduce an if statement which detects whether the product has attributes. If the item has variations and can be altered, then on the product list, we'd like it to say 'From:' next to the price.


I have tried things like 

{if ($product.id_product_attribute == 0 )}From {/if}

but that yields nothing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello, I just wanted to add I added: {if $product.id_product_attribute}Select options{/if} right before (or after, depending on your likes!) the </h5>

{hook h='displayProductListReviews' product=$product} part of my product-list.tpl file. This added the text I chose (in this case, 'Select options') to products in product list which have attributes. Otherwise this thread was not clear on which file to modify or where to add: {if $product.id_product_attribute}Select options{/if} part. But thanks I am grateful with help of other tutorial I was able to add this feature.
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