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Prestashop Multishop & Modules

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Hi there,


I've some general questions about multishop and module handling. I played around for a while in a test environment and defined following setting


shopA.at : Existing shop in PS., originally started with V1.3 and regularly updated.

Enabled multishop with following conditions:

shopA.com:  exact copy of shopA on a different TLD, in the same group, same template as shopA.com enabled more languages, etc.

shopB.com: A complete new shop, having 10 selected products of on supplier on another domain, created a new group for that one and selected a different template


Beside several issues I have, the modules are totally not clear for me.

Option 1: I have some modules that I need for all shops, e.g. blockcart, search, etc.

O 2: I have some modules that I need in only in a shopgroup, e.g. template related modules, etc.

O 3: I have some modules that I need in only in a specific shop, e.g. 


I don't get it how to configure them and often face SQL errors like "Notice: Undefined index: sticky_menu in ...cache/smarty/compile/..." or "Notice: Undefined offset: ... " or "Fatal error: Call to a member function hasLeftColumn() on a non-object in.../classes/controller/ModuleFrontController.php on line 48"



E.g: Google Analytics: Needed for all shops, but with different tracking ID (at least ideally, can be solved via filters in GA)

Payments: Bankwire is needed in all shops, but with different bank account data; Paypal-API - I have one API for different shops, but the contacting email with paypal should be different.

etc., etc.


I'm not clear on what to select at the top (All shop, a group, each shop individual) when installing/deinstalling/configuring a module, especially for options 2/3 mentioned above


I hope I made myself clear and somebody can lighten up my understanding of PS multishop.

Thanks in advance 

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