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My product page show 0,- instead of price

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Okay first of all, here is the link to my webshop (the page where the problem is): http://prosaks.dk/tshirts/1-faded-short-sleeve-tshirts.html#/size-s/color-orange


If you look at the front page it shows the prices right. If you press a product it shows zero (0), but in my cart it shows the right price.


I seen people have the same problem in here at the forum, but i cant really find out how to fix it.




Another thing: The "In stock" button won't be translated. Could anyone give me the path to the file where the text is, and i will do it manually in the script? I don't know how to find the path ...  :(






I hope you can help me!

Nicolai  :)  :)  :)

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Xavier du Tertre      Posted this reply in another thread and it worked for me.




A month ago, we found a bug on whenever you'd set up a group reduction of 10%, the products would display a 90% reduction (the initial feature had been tested with a 50% reduction and that's how it ended up in the final version).


Then, Julien committed this fix: https://github.com/P...9c668de5f81db81


Basically replacing {$group_reduction} with {1-$group_reduction} in themes/yourthemename/product.tpl and merging this in the release.


So is clean!


However, some of you are facing a problem because you are using a theme that was developed from the standard theme of PrestaShop If you combine our fix with a theme that was developed on the previous version of PrestaShop, you get a multiplier equal to {1-1}. And that's why you have prices at $0.


Please check this forge reports and the comments. You'll easily find out how to fix your prices display! http://forge.prestas...owse/PSCSX-1835

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On 1/28/2016 at 8:16 PM, wissammessad said:

Hi, I found the solution for this on a forum.


to fix it:


1: open "themes/xxx(name of them)/product.tpl"

2/ find "{$group_reduction}" in file and replace it with "{1-$group_reduction}"


Thanks for the tip. I took my cue from that and found my own solution, as follows:


I checked out the themes/classic/templates/catalog ---> product.tpl file via my server (l'm using the default theme for Presta), and l noticed this:

    <meta property="product:pretax_price:amount" content="{$product.price_tax_exc}">
    <meta property="product:pretax_price:currency" content="{$currency.iso_code}">
    <meta property="product:price:amount" content="{$product.price_amount}">
    <meta property="product:price:currency" content="{$currency.iso_code}">

It occurred to me: I was feeding the currency symbol into Presta during product spreadsheet upload.

TL;DR: I removed the currency symbol from my upload spreadsheet, and the upload worked, the prices are correct.

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