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Allow user to change order status [delivered]


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you can have a link button in customer order details, you need to add the button in order-detail.tpl file in theme directory and on the order-detail controller you need to add the code so that the customer clicks the button the stautus of the particular order can be changed to delivered.

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Well, the most common sense place would be to look at the AdminOrdersController.php, since that is what handles the order status change in the back office.


There is a function called postProcess, which handles a submit type called 'submitState'.  This is the code that deals with updating the order status.


You would need to 2 do things

1) You need to include your front office code that would allow the customer to say "delivered".  You could update the theme file directly, or you create a module that hooks "order detail displayed".  The module would be better so that you don't have to maintain the theme changes whenever you upgrade PS or change to a new theme.


2) Then you need to include coding to handle when the customer clicks that button.  If you build a module, then you would handle the status change in the module.  If you don't build a module, then you need to figure out the best place to put this code.  Perhaps an override of the OrderDetailController.php


Just keep in mind that you should protect your code so that only a logged in customer associated to this order can change the status.

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