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products do not appear on Ebay

Por decir algo

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I have created a web with prestashop and I have installed the latest version of ebay module. in the state of the module appears
"The eBay module is configured and connected"
When I try to put artiulos sale in paragraph 6 of the module, everything seems fine and I appear,
(Updated Configuration (Option A: 32/32 Product (s) online at eBay)
but really in the backoffice of my Ebay Store, there is no product.
Can someone help me and tell me I'm doing wrong?


My web is www.mundomamparas.com


Thanks in advance.

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Thank you so much for your help, that was the problem. 


Now I have a doubt, the ads look very ugly, and very small pictures, you know how I can fix that? 


I Know that there is who creates their own HTML templates for their ads. can i do this with the module prestashop ebay? 


Thank you again.

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