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[SOLVED] Change text in "Sale" ribbon

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Ah, maybe that is part of the problem.

I am talking about the red ribbon that occurs on items that you have put up for sale. Like the book on this link: http://jensenogdalgaard.dk/prestashop/da/billedboger/14-andre-neves-mellem-skyerne--9788771510171.html


The ribbon in the right hand corner says "Udsalg" (danish) - or in english "Sale" - I would like to change the text to "Offer" (danish: "Tilbud"). Can you help?

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Dear Vekia


Great - Thanks a lot.

Your help are really appreciated.


Without you a lot of us would be throwing stuff around the office and shouting at our colleagues.


Lots of kind regards



PS. I owe you a beer if you ever show up in Denmark

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I use prestashop and I have a big problem the sale ribbon. I attach a pictore about it:



enable right click on your website please. at the moment i cant check it without right click


My website: http://piercingvilag.hu/koldok-piercingek/30-koldok-piercing-alomfogo-alomcsapda-aranyozott-tobb-szinben.html


Thank you very much in advance any ideas!


Okay, I did it. Thank you.

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go to localization > translations and from first dropdown select front office translations

then select language


search for "product.tpl" file and translate "sale" to any other text you want.

Hi, I have prestashop with the default bootstrap theme, when I find product and clic safe after set the text I want I get an 404 error any ideas about what should be wrong

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