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Using DHL Global & Express and manually setup of zones/rates

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Hi Guys,


We're going to use DHL Express for our store...and maybe later their Global service to if people think Express is to expensive.


First problem I encounter is the actual setup of zones/countries to match those in DHLs....those is not even close to the default placements of countries in Zones that is in Prestashop. For example South Africa, Norway and Turkey is all Zone 8 in DHL rates list.


So I have to manually create the 8 zones that DHL uses for Express then manually change each end every country to be in the right zone...this will take ages....is that the only way or am I missing something here!?


Then, when and if we wanna offer Global mail to I have no clue on how to solve it as it uses different zones for the countries then Express...


Please advice!


Thanks in advance!

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