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How Make a Gzip Lang File

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I'm facing the same problem as long as some words arebulk translated and now cannot find a way to archive the correct file to a .gzip one. Every packer/unpacker I've found can create only gz/tgz/tar.gz/zip/rar archives .

 Someone got the right answer ?

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This is the only software that allowed me to edit the .gzip language file: WinArchiver

I exported "en.gzip" (example file; it can be de.gzip, ru.gzip, etc.) and extracted "en" file. I renamed "en" in "ne" and edit the entire content. I saved it and add it back to the original "en.gzip" file. Now there are two files, "en" and ne". In the same archive, I delete the original "en" file and then rename "ne" in "en". Now I have my "en.gzip" finally edited and ready to be imported.

It worked! :-) 

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