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New way to Import / Export theme in 1.6

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Please note that Prestashop 1.6 uses new way of importing and exporting themes. That's why themeinstallator ("Import/export a theme" module) is not present in the list of modules anymore.


Now to import or export the theme, you have to go to Preferences > Themes and click on button "Add new  theme" or "Export theme" in top green bar (see attachment). You can import the theme from ZIP, from url or if the upload doesn't work for you, you can copy the zip manually into "themes" folder on  your FTP and then use "Import from FTP" option.


Do not use the old module, it will not copy configuration xml file from your theme to config/xml/themes/  folder which may lead to other issues.


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I don´t either have the add new theme botton.


I contacted the support from Prestthemes (I bought the theme through the official marketplace and they told me in the chat that it is compatible). Prestthemes says that they need that botton to help with installation and Prestashop support says that is not compatible. 

I hope that if I get that button they can help me.


Anyone know if it is because it is the build and the PS Cloud version?


Very greatful if anybody know the answer to this.


I found this info below: ( but it doesn´t help me. )


If you are using PrestaShop version 1.6 or PrestaShop Cloud:
1. In your store's back office, click on the tab to connect to PrestaShop Addons, in the upper right of the page.
2. Enter your login information in the box.
Now all of your purchases will appear directly in your list of back office modules!
3. After connecting to Addons from your store's back office, click on the "Modules" tab in the menu.
4. Look for the name of the module you want, click "Install", then configure it.



Thanks for answers:)


Kand regards 



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