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Associating products to specific carriers in bulk

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I have a dilema.


My shop has over 7000 products.


The products have fixed shipping for the US based on shipping category.


In order to get this to work I made each shipping category their own unique Carrier.


This works great.


The problem is that I have not found a way to assign products to Carriers in bulk.


One-at-a-time is far too time consuming.


I sure could use some help on this.

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So, with no response, I have to assume that with PrestaShop that there is no way possible to accomplish the task of associating products to specific carriers in bulk.


Instead I must edit each product one-by-one from the admin section.  :unsure:


There is bound to be a faster way.

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There's a module called Carrier Assigner!


The issue is that once you've assigned a carrier to a products there's no option to unassign them


I'm looking for an easy way to reset all carriers.

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