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In china,tax is paid by the seller based on the invoice,but in most cases on the internet trades,the seller don't supply invoice as the products,in this way they can save the costs.of course,this is illegal, but because the internet selling is a
burgeoning industry,our government don't give a stict administration on this.

for some regular sellers who offer invoice,the tax is payed by them,but as the river rises, the boat floats high,the selling price is also rises,so generally,for the same product people tend to buy from those who don't offer invoice and thus can offer with a special price.

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Hi infoseek!

Thank you for your contribution.

Let's say that PrestaShop will provide the invoice and that it will be join to the package ;-)
In this case, which tax may applies on the products, voucher, shipping and handling costs?
Moreover, is any extra information needed during the order process or on the invoice?

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hi matthieu biart,I don't know if I have made you clear, but the invoice I have mentioned in the first post is not just a list of product.It is a document that you have to buy from tax administration, so once you provide a invoice, you pay the tax.

On this invoice,generally the buyer's info(according to the buyer's decision what to print, if not provided,in most cases,if a person buys,it's the buyer's name,if a company buys,it's the company name ), the lists of products(sometimes print the category of the products,for example,if you buy coca-cola,it will print drinks sometimes also according to the buyer's decision what to print),and the total amount that your payed is printed on.

so if you can setup two forms(for buyer to write the buyer's info and the lists of products as mentioned above) during the order process that may fit in china use.

this invoice have three identical copies,one provide to the buyer as the packages delivered, one for the seller uses as selling record, and one for inspection by the tax administration which occasionally give some inspection.

In fact, invoice is very important as it is the document that released by the government,it is the shopping evidence between you and the seller for the return or exchange case the products have any defect.

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