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[Solved] Category tree missing from product associations tab

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It was working recently, but I have installed some new modules and also updated existing modules recently, so it's hard to identify the cause.


I also notice when I got to Catalogue > Categories, there are no categories listed ('no items found'). Then if I click the 'Reset' button, all the categories appear. But if I then refresh the page, all the categories dissappear again. This seems like it is related.


Recently I installed these modules


- Page cache

- Supplier alerts

- Unit Quantity Calculator

- Customized Quote


and probably a few more that I can't remember


I also updated the following modules

- Layered navigation

- Ebay

- Gsitemap


@Starboard, did you install/update any of the above?


Also multi-store is disabled. I enabled it in the past for testing, but I remember clearly that the categories were working when it was enabled. Enabling/disabling multi-store has no effect.


Thanks for any thoughts!

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Didn't install any of above modules, and all that I have installed have been updated.  It doesn't work whether multi-store is enabled or disabled.  The tree just doesn't appear.  I can only create a new Root Category but not a child.  Strangely enough, the existing categories don't export either to csv.  My feeling is there's a bug here in but I don't want to upgrade to yet as I am not sure it will fix this and I need to re-apply my theme and all my theme settings will be lost etc.  www.flemishlinen.com is our store. Cheers 

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I'm using In my case at least, I think it's a conflict with a module because it was working not so long ago.


I have tried deleting cookies, and tested in 3 different browsers.


Now will try disabling modules one by one to see if any of them are the culprit.

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We don't use the customised quote module, we have had this problem since we upgraded to 1.6 and believe there's a bug with the category creation/tree.  We tried different browsers and both Mac and Windows but the problem persists.  We hope it will be fixed soon.

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Me too have a category tree problem.
My is in catalog/category/any_category_name/edit.
Buttons collapse all and expand all are there, but no category tree.
Multishop enabled, and same result in all shops. Category tree is working in catalog/Products/associations.

Tnx for all help!


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@Susi you are right it shows Solved but it hasn't been solved, I still have the same issue though we haven't upgraded yet to the very latest PS but from what you report the issue is still there.


It really impacts our business we can't make the top line menu of our shop include the categories we want so it would be nice to have somebody at PS look into this?


We've mentioned this 1 May and almost 3 months later this still isn't solved....

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i this case problem was with



It was the Customized Quote module. And it doesn't even work!!!  :angry:

and for author of topic problem is solved.

in your case problem may be different...


do you use this module?

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That weird bug pops up all the time... Still not sure what's causing it.

Anyways, I was able to solve it every single time with this little gem: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/93231-ps-v14-category-table-what-is-nleft-et-nright-for/?p=1416856

Thanks mdekker but i can't install this module in my prestashop version.

Somebody has other solution?

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