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Payment methods - PayPal design

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I'm trying to change the design of PayPal paying method. Because it looks totally different and ugly compared to other (default) payment methods. See the attached picture.


Do you have any idea, where can I change the look of PayPal payment method? I want to have the same look as default methods, including background image on the left.


I realized, that the background images are set in global.css file, line 7330 and so on..., but obviously there isn't line for PayPal.


I also have no idea, how to add the "arrow" on the right side and gray background color.



I'm using the most recent version of prestashop - and default bootstrap theme


Thank you for your help.


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Just add the css code for the paypal payment option. Change the code around line 7350 to:

p.payment_module a.cheque:after, p.payment_module a.bankwire:after, p.payment_module a.cash:after, p.payment_module a#paypal_process_payment:after {
      display: block;
      content: "\f054";
      position: absolute;
      right: 15px;
      margin-top: -11px;
      top: 50%;
      font-family: "FontAwesome";
      font-size: 25px;
      height: 22px;
      width: 14px;
      color: #777777; }

See the 'p.payment_module a#paypal_process_payment:after' this generates the arrow:)

Add this code in your css to get the white background:

p.payment_module a#paypal_process_payment { background: #fbfbfb;}

Hope this helps.

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