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Product Sorting SSL Problem


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Hi there,


My entire website is https, but I noticed I'm receiving an error message when trying to sort products (for example, going from 12 to 24 per page, or sorting A to Z, etc.)


After investigating further, I noticed that the var requestSortProducts = '{$request}';  in productsort.tpl is returning the new page with http (no ssl), which is causing browser errors when my customers are trying to sort.  




Take a look at my stickers page about and try to sort to increase numbers per page, you'll see what I'm saying. 


I'm not a web developer so I'm not really sure how to modify this - any suggestions?


Thank you very much,



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Hi Vekia,


Thank you for the quick response.  The stickers were a bad example, I only have 12 available right now :)


Anyways, after resetting some things on my server I'm not getting the browser errors anymore on my end - although the sorting still seems to point to the http instead of https when I inspect it.  


I'm using version

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I have the same problem with product sorting and ssl in my website. It points to http instead of https..

I am using prestashop 1.6.6.

I saw drchad that you have find how to change this on your shop. Can you help with that? Or anybody else?


Thank you in advance. :)

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