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[SOLVED] getting DB data problem


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Hello everybody again,


I'm trying to get the data from the product table and i'm having this problem.




well, this is my code.



$sql = 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'product';

$totalShop = Db::getInstance()->getValue($sql);

$output .= $this->displayConfirmation($this->l("print sql ". "((($sql)))" . "number of products (" . $totalShop) . ")");


Well, im doing a simple count and im getting 7, this is okay, but now i want to get the data, i change the SQL by

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM ' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'product'; (it works fine on phpmyadmin)


How can i get the data from the SQL? Using getvalue also? or this just will return the number of rows?


Thanks for your time.


I solved the problem using the executeS function.

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