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Long InitContent time at BO product page

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Hi all,


I have this problem that it takes 30-40 seconds to load each tab at the product info page at the Back Office.


I've enabled "_PS_MODE_DEV_" and "_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_" in the defines.inc.php file and got the following screenshots.


It shows that the InitContent process is taking forever to load and I hope that someone could let me know what could be the problem.



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Thanks for the quick reply. This is the last module that i've added which added a new tab at the product page:



I had this module installed a week ago but this slow loading issue only started showing up yesterday. How do I use the die('here') command to debug? I'm still very new to Prestashop.


Added: I've also tried to disable the module at the module page but problem still persist.

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