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Shipping setup advice. USPS carriers

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Hello all,


I'm looking for some quick help if you have a second. Someone who's been using prestashop and the usps module for a while should be able to help me figure this out.


Most items I have in my shop are 13 ounces or less, so I offer free shipping with FIrst Class mail, but I also give the option of using Priority, or Express if the client wants to pay for faster shipping. If the client buys 2 items that will usually equal more weight then First Class mail, so it defaults to Priority Mail which I also offer free, but only if the products are too heavy for First Class.


So How can I offer Free shipping with First Class Mail up to 13 ounces, and have Priority and Express not be free, but once the weight is over First Class and the carrier is disabled then Priority is free and Express Mail still charges?


I'm trying to work in out under the carriers tab in version. I know I can make the carrier Free by clicking the button, but that means it's always free and is not weight dependent. I need First Class mail to show only when the weight is less than 13 ounces and then disappear (it's always free) and have Priority mail be free only when the cart weight is above 13 ounces. I tried to go into the different carriers and that didn't work the best.


Any Help???? Please!!!

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