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HOW-TO skip step Address, Shipping & Payment

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Can someone enlighten me on how to skip those 3 steps , so that when a customer clicks CHECKOUT, (and presumably he/she's logged in), they'll see the CONFIRMATION page right away?

Provided that user has already filled in the Delivery Address upon registration, and my store only have 1 carrier with 1 payment option (COD).

This would really helps speed up the checkout process.

Thanks :D

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Make sure he/she log in 1st and your carrier setting don't have anything wrong... otherwise this won't work.

Root folder/order.php line 85 :
case 1
displayPayment(); ( remove displayAddress() )

Still in the same file, search for function displayPayment().
Search this line :

replace it with :

Open up your validation.tpl inside your cash on delivery module.
Find this line :
convertPrice price=$total

Replace it with :
convertPrice price=$total_price ( yeah, just add word _price there... )

Find this line :

Replace the number after step= with 0.

For arranging looks so login/address/shipping become unclick able.
Go into your themes folder, find order-steps.tpl.
Add <!-- at beginning of line 13 and then add --> at the end of line 39

Hope it help...

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I tried you suggestion, but was still unable to do it.

After my modifications, I test it out, and here's what I discovered:
1) clicked on CHECKOUT button in cart ... page redirect to http://localhost/ps/order.php?step=1.'>http://localhost/ps/order.php?step=1. The center of this page is blank.
2) I then change the url to http://localhost/ps/order.php?step=0, now i can see my Shopping Cart Summary, with Delivery Address and the next/previous button. The Order Steps near the top of the page only shows Summary and Payment.
3) When I click NEXT, it goes back to http://localhost/ps/order.php?step=1

I was hoping for a simpler solution (turn on/off address or the like), but was really greatful for your time and effort. Im on a tight timeline now, maybe when I have some spare time, I'll continue debugging this error.

Thanks a ton :D

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I'm sorry for very late replay.... got stuck with high work hour.
I think I misinform you about :

( this line is located in display payment function )

Please note the underscore placement.
It should work and will bring you straight to cash on delivery module. Of course only if the user already log in before.

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Hi fs_xyz,

I have a question for you. I saw that you are an expert for skipping steps in order process.

Can you help me to modify my ordering process. I need someone to help me skip some oredering steps. below is explanation of my problem and the post with detailed info what I need.


Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with this one.

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