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[SOLVED] How to Add “Add to Favorites” Button on Home Featured?


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I want to add "add to favorites" button below the each products on Home Featured.


I found an article how to make that for Category page, but i need to modify it to use for Homefeatured.



This code must be in (controllers/front/CategoryController.php (the function assignProductList())

if (Module::isEnabled('favoriteproducts')) {
    include_once(_PS_ROOT_DIR_ . '/modules/favoriteproducts/FavoriteProduct.php');
    foreach ($this->cat_products as &$cat_product) {
        $cat_product['isCustomerFavoriteProduct'] = (FavoriteProduct::isCustomerFavoriteProduct($this->context->customer->id, $cat_product['id_product']) ? 1 : 0);

Seems i should modify and write it in controllers/front/IndexController.php to use for Homefeatured. Is there anyone made that before?

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