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Help with site redirect to /gb

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I would only need to have English (GB)  as my default language but if I delete all other languages I just get 404 pages. If I install another language even if it's English (US) the site works fine, as in the links to products etc..


The problem is when I have 2 languages the url defaults to mysite.co.uk/gb and having the /gb adds seconds to my load time. If I delete English (US) and just have English (GB) the site defaults to mysite.co.uk which is when I get the 404 errors.


Any ideas how I can get this to work correctly.


I'm using PS



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Hi Vekia,


If I disable one of the languages and leave just a default that's when I get the 404 errors. If you click on a product it still tries to find mysite.co.uk/gb


In another thread El Patron asked me why I had a redirect to /gb to which I replied I don't know as it's not anything I'd setup.


According to GTmetrix.com redirecting to /gb adds 1.43 seconds to my load time. 



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