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Sliders, effects and jQuery transitions not working


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I have just installed a theme on my Prestashop, and suddenly, I notice that all Slider Modules available (Leo slide image using camera or Minic) do not show up. Also, any smoth transition effect by the theme does not work at all.


Any idea can could be causing such an error? It looks like a css problem, but don't want to mess things up (more than they are now).


Many thanks in advance for your help!



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Hi KnowNothing,

Would you mind if I have a look in your back office? If you want this, please make a temporary employee (Admin->employees) with administrator rights. I can then have a look at some settings in the slider/theme and maybe we can find out what's wrong.


please send:

- URL to back office.

- login name: suggested: [email protected]

- password: anything you like


to my Email address: [email protected] . (DON'T post it here...)



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