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Hey Guys,


I am looking for any tips/solution for following idea. In my shop I want to sell only one item - BMX bike. What I would like to achieve is to have a kind of online creator in which user will have a possibility of:

+ choosing a color,

+ choosing a handlebar type,

+ choosing tires


I know how to make a mockup in html,css&jquery which will generate live preview of that but is there any ready-to-use solution for that? any plugin..? if no, how to send such information to the system and include in the order? 


thanks for your help!




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You're not alone Paul, I am also looking for a solution for this. I have also made everything work fine now for my customizer. HTML, Css, javascript. My customer can customize his product in product detail page in prestashop. But now I am stucked with handling these new customization data into cart. Actually in my case there are only 2 new data. One new custom price and one new customtext (a summary of the customization which is genereted by javascript after customization steps).


Any help in this case would be very appreciated...

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Hi Pawciak,

Not fully sure if I misunderstand your question, but did you ever look at "attributes" of a products. Here you can make 'additions/changes' to your product, like colour, size, value, material, etc. etc.




and then make available 'combinations' for your products, i.e. a red, rubber handlebar-red, with BMX type YY tires etc.




Not sure if this is useful in your case, though, as it doesn't "build" any picture of your modification. Maybe you can build that 'on top of' these standard attributes when choosing them. The internal choice and pricing is then done by these attributes, the visual presentation you then should do yourself...


My 2 cents


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