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Need help with height adjustment for Featured Products Home Page module

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I am trying to setup the featured products module on the homepage. So far so good except this annoying blank space of 500px on the bottom. I've copied and inserted the code below from my firebug session. I believe it's getting called from the global.css but not sure. Is there away I can disable this setting or change it? Looking in the CSS file for the module it would appear that height should only be 250px. Any help would be greatly appreciated.! My site is: http://www.nesgamestore.com






    <div id="editorial_block_center" class="editorial_block"></div>

     /Module Editorial


     MODULE Home Featured Products

    <div id="featured-products_block_center" class="block products_block clearfix">
        <p class="title_block"></p>
        <div class="block_content">
            <ul style="height:500px;"></ul>

     /MODULE Home Featured Products



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