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No carrier for product with combinations and advanced stock

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I'm facing a "no carrier is available for selection" problem only with this exact setup:


  • product with several combinations
  • advanced stock management and product set to use it


the setup that works:

  • product without combinations + advanced stock management
  • product with combinations + simplified stock management (quantity selection on product page)


my version is


note: all other posts I've seen mention warehouses without carriers, carriers with incorrect countries/zones. this does not apply. as showed above everything works fine except this exact combination.


Any help?




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I had almost same problem.

I checked "warehouse" menu of left side menu, and "edit" my warehouse.
There is a list and at last, there is a "carrer".
In this carrer, You can see the list of carrer you set up but it is just shown.
You have to click that list (and after, the background color change to gray) to make it available....

Too much difficult...

Anyway, for my case, it solved.
(I use version maybe it is different from your case but isn't there something near?)

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