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Greek translation draft

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Hi georgemartos,

Thank you for your contribution!

I've just tested it with v1.0 RC4 and unfortunately, your translation seems empty. (One clue is the file size--12 KB is very small for a translation. For example, the French translation .gzip is 92 KB.)

Also, you have exported it with the English ISO prefix. Please re-export it using "gr", the ISO code for Greece.

When you did your translations, did you at first create a new language, "Greek", and then make your translations?

Please review our Wiki documentation on how to create and export a translation here :


Do report back here if you encounter any problems. :)

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Hi Peter

Sorry for this but I'm not a programmer so maybe I have done already some mistakes on using it.
I dis the export from the BackOffice>export a lang.

I have created a new language with ISO code el (which as far as I know is for greek).

The gzip file i get is 48 kb (Not everything is translated so I can imagine why it is not 92 or more)

I'll try to send it again!

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Great! Thanks very much. We will include this in the list of default languages in the next release of PrestaShop. :)

The following sections were translated:

* Front Office
* Modules

I had to tweak the file but I got it to work. I had to re-create the export file, as it was registered as @el@. I deleted your attachment and in its place, I inserted my @gr.gzip@.

For your reference, the official ISO code for Greek is @gr@. Click "here":http://www.iso.org/iso/country_codes/iso_3166_code_lists/english_country_names_and_code_elements.htm for the official list.

For those who want to install this Greek language translation before the next release, I'm attaching here the Greek flag icon that you can upload during the creation of the Greek language.

Has anyone else translated the following sections into Greek?

* Back Office
* Error messages
* Field names

If so, please share them. :)


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Hi all,

We would like to include a more complete translation of the Greek language in PrestaShop v1.1 stable, due out this week.

Specifically, we need the following sections translated:

* Back Office
* Error messages
* Field names

Can someone please post an updated "gr.gzip" file that was exported using PrestaShop v1.0 stable (v1.0.0.8)?

(Instructions on how to export a translation can be found "here":/wiki/Languages_and_Translations/.)

To have it included, please post it here no later than this Thursday, Sept. 11.

Thanks in advance!

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