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Horizontal navigation header to have link to different page


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On the top of my navigation header I have a drop down that is titled "Products." This drops down and shows all the categories. But if you click on the word 'products' itself it links you to my homepage. Is it possible to link to a page with all categories? or all products? I've looked under the blocktopmenu_ext module but I can't get it to function with both having a drop down with categories and making the products a link to something other than my homepage.


my site is http://tinyurl.com/n5pfy52 and i'm using PS



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Do you want to show all products as visible products (dynamically?), or is it enough with just links/Pictures with links to the different categories you have? The way i know only works with creating a new page, in this page you add either text-links or pictures with links. So when customer clicks on the links then it sends the user to that particular product-page.


If you are ok with my method i gladly explains this to you, if not, someone more skilled must tell you if the other way is possible, maybe you must buy a module for this. :)

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Ok, this is how i have solved this (static page only), and i am not sure if this is to your expectation, but lets try and see if this is something that you can use :)



In the backOffice do this:
1) Preferences->CMS

2) Add new CMS page

3) Call it for example "All Products" (In the Meta Title field)

4) To make it look picture-fancy you can add one picture per Product/Product category: Insert->Insert Image

5) After added a image, left-click on it and then select "URL/Link" icon, this allows you to add a link to it.

Note: If you just want text-links: Insert->Insert Link

Note 2:


Use one link per Picture/Text

6) Save the page (Possible need to Publish/ Displayed=Yes)

7) Navigate to the new "All Product" page: Save And Preview button (Copy the new URL)

8) Go to Modules->Modules

9) Configure Top Horizontal Menu

10) In the Section "Add a new Link"

- Label: All Products

- Link: The URL to your new CMS page

Another possible way you can do, that might be neater is this:
1) In Catalog->Category

2) Create a new Category and call it for example "All Products"

3) Edit all your products, by going to the "Associate"-section and add each product to this "All Products" category as well"

4) in the Top Horizontal Menu

5) Look for the "All product" on right box and add it to the left.


Both ways should be able to do what you want, the best one is probably last one, but it require you to add all products in this category as well. The first suggestion require least work as you just add url to the different categories you have, but again the drawback is that you create a new button on your menu, not editing the "Product".


I am not sure how your theme is created, i use standard PS theme and in here i can just create a category and it will link to that page, not the "Product" page that goes to the home-url as in your case.


If this is not exactly what you want i am sorry i misunderstood you :)

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