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Question about enabling Tiny MCE Editing functions


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My question relates to the instructions on enabling the Tiny MCE Editor at this link:



In the second part of the article you have to comment out two lines of code in the /classes/validate.php file. Those two lines of code are suppose to be this:

//if (preg_match('/<[ \t\n]*script/ims', $html) || preg_match('/('.$events.')[ \t\n]*=/ims', $html) || preg_match('/.*script\:/ims', $html))
//return false;


I am only able to find this line to modify? Am I in the right "validate.php" file? I have done an exact line search find for the above line and cannot find it. This line below is the closest match. I'm running version


if (preg_match('/<[\s]*script/ims', $html) || preg_match('/('.$events.')[\s]*=/ims', $html) || preg_match('/.*script\:/ims', $html))
            return false;


Thanks again for the help!

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Hi Pascal,


I keep getting a blank page when I try and comment out those lines. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? I'm usually really good with editing these files. I've attached my "validation.php" file in its original form so you can take a look if possible? Thanks!


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