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Incorporating char limit in cutomization field, need a little help.


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Hi all,


I am building a site that sells personalized items, and it is essential that i can limit the characters entered into the customization fields for each item, a feature that is still sadly missing from Prestashop, so I am endeavoring to incorporate the feature myself.


Having tinkered about a bit, I have the front end working nicely, using maxlength to limit the characters allowed in the customization input field using a value read from the database in a new field 'max_chars' in the ps_customization_field (entering the values manually at the moment)


But now I have reached the limit of my knowledge and as much as i hunt around and tinker I cannot get the last bit done, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can help.


Basically, when creating the customization fields in the back office, I need an extra input field for each that allows me to enter the max_chars for the customization, I then need this value to be written to the database in the `max_chars` field of ps_customization_field table.


Is this a simple job? Or is the reason this feature hasn't been incorporated yet is due to the complexity of the issue?


Any help or pointers in the right direction would be gratefully appreciated.


Kind regards,


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So having given up with prestashop back when i posted this original post and moved to opencart, i have returned 9 months later in the hope that someone out there can help me with this issue which still remains. Surely it is relatively simple to do?


I really want to use prestashop for my shop, but without this fundamental feature, i cannot realistically use it.


I don't understand why prestashop doesn't come with the feature as standard as surely most customizations of products will be require to be character limited?


Anyways, any help would be most appreciated and in the meantime i shall continue tinkering and hope i stumble on an answer :)

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So this doesn't sound like something that essential, to me :), but can you not just extend the admin panel for this view to hold that piece of data? 


Maybe you have been looking for a solution to 'limit characters of custom fields' when what you need is the 'ability to add an extra field to a form in the admin'? I seem to recall - while hacking at prestashop a few months back - having seen tutorials of this type around.


Am I way off the mark?

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