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No carriers available. Error

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 When I set up Carriers, whether I set my own, or use a module like "USPS Module" I get the following error at check out "No carriers available."


I have truncated (reset) all of the tables in my database related to carriers several times (as suggested by other forum posts) and still no go. When I use the USPS module it makes a connection to USPS servers and everything runs okay.


Also, if I use the 5 step checkout and turn on the Shipping Estimate Module, all my carriers show up in the checkout process to compare ONLY. When you continue on to select a shipping meathod, I still get the same error.


I'm not much of a programer, but I understand the basics. I just can't figure out why it is not recognizing my carriers on check out.


Any ideas?




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Sorry, I guess that info would have been helpful. I'm using Version, and I am using a custom theme. (Theme PRS040079). However, I get the same results whether using the custom theme or the default theme. 


As for Zones, I have zone "North America" Active. Under Countries I have "United States" active and set as follows:


Country name

ISO code

Two -- or three -- letter ISO code (e.g. U.S. for United States). Official list here .

Call prefix

International call prefix, (e.g. 1 for United States)

Default currency
 Default store currency Dollar 
 Africa Asia Central America/Antilla Europe Europe (out E.U) North America Oceania South America 

Geographical region

Need zip/postal code
 enabled.gif  disabled.gif
Zip/post code format

Zip Code format (L for a letter, N for a number and C for the ISO code). For example, NNNNN for the United States. No verification if undefined.

Address format
firstname lastnamecompanyaddress1 address2city, State:name postcodeCountry:namephonephone_mobile
Required fields for the address (click for more details)
Use the last registered format Use the default format Use my current modified format Clear format
This will restore the default address format for this country.
Address Standardization
 enabled.gif  disabled.gif
 enabled.gif  disabled.gif

Display this country to your customers (the selected country will always be displayed in the Back Office)

Contains following states
 enabled.gifYes  disabled.gifNo
Do you need a tax identification number?
 enabled.gifYes  disabled.gifNo
Display tax label (e.g. "Tax incl.")
 enabled.gifYes  disabled.gifNo
* Required field
Then under "States" I have all 50 States active and set to country "United States" and zone "North America"
All of these are defaults settings. I really haven't changed anything. 
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