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Languages packs (nl & de) added but flags for translation do not appaer in backoffice

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I have 4 languages in my webshop but in backoffice i only see the french flag after each the field to fill, so I cannot put any translation in other language than french, using the backoffice.
How can I do to make the other flags (EN, NL, DE) appear after the fields.
Thank you for your attention and your answer.

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To add the language I have used
Backoffice > Tools > Translations
Translation exchange
Import a language pack
Import data from file (language pack).
Be careful, as it will replace all existing data for the destination language!
Browse your computer for the language file to be imported:
Translation have been added and flags appear in front office and backoffice for field- and buttonnames
but not after the fieldtextboxes, so that I can give a translation in each language using backoffice.

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Thank you for your answer. It's the right solution but not so obvious. I tought I would find each language flag visible after the textboxes, I didn't feel I need to click on the default language flag.
Sorry for this lack of good sense.
I hope this question will help other people in the future.
Cheers from Belgium.

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