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customer registration crashed on live site!

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I have a site www.godlyplaymaterials.com which has been live since November 2013.


Now suddenly customer registration is not possible except from a small group of countries in the EU.


All zones and countries are enabled, but it has no effect to the menu.  I only have 3 default customer groups, so that should not be the problem.


At the same time, all carriers for countries outside EU seem to have disappeared.


Please can someone help - I don't know where to look for an error anymore, and I cannot get any orders in because customers cannot register!



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The problem was apparently created when the carriers list disappeared almost completely!


The only solution I had was to create all carriers again and enable ordering in front office even to adresses to which there is no carrier.


This entire event thing was most likely caused by a module I purchased for integration to Finnish postal services (Prinetti)  -this module did not function properly and I decided not to use it and reclaimed it to the seller. The seller somehow blocked the module before I could uninstall/delete -  it with the result that I could no longer disable or uninstall it. I tried to configure, install, enable etc. the module, just to be able to uninstall it, but kept getting an error message that I was not authorized to use it.


Then the seller again did something, because the module completely disappeared from my modules list and with it all of my carrier information!


Several hours of boring work later, the shop again seems to be working  :)


Now if I only could remeber where I found a way to enable/disable registration for customer "outside" my shipping zones....

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