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Cart Rules - Is Possible to add a Highlight on Front Office?


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I would like to know if it is possible to setup a Cart Rule and then, in the products that are included in that rule, have some kind of Highlight in the product page.


Something Like setup "If more than 3 Products From the categories A, B, C then 3% off" and then on the product page a sticker or a box with the text that we write on the "Description" Field of the Cart Rule.

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Yes, but catalog prices does not work well for my needs.


For example, if i setup a discount for 3 units of any product of one brand (can 1 one unit each), it does not apply the discount.


Also in the product table the info is always only about the product itself, but that could be exchanged.


Also, it has some bugs... for example, if i add 3 units before going to checkout it applies the discount, but if i increase quantity it does not calculate right, just by refreshing the page.

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