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[SOLVED] How is right way to add more tabs in front office?

Detelin Markov

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How is right way to add more tabs in front office - i want to integrate one tab with "Display products of the same category on the product page." module and i want to know how to add other tabs. For integrating Get Cudos or other modules, manifactures and etc.


I want to put everything on product page in tabs, for this purpose i need to learn how is right way to add new tab with my own code for every new tab for front office. I don`t have need to show this tab in backend.


Search for info but i only find several modules for adding tabs and 2 tuts for adding tabs in back office.




Thank you in advance!



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to create tabs on product page for already existing modules you have to modify module code, and also tpl files

your module must be attached to hooks:

- productTab (with tpl file: for example tab.tpl)

- productTabContent (with tpl file: for example contents.tpl)


in tab.tpl create code like:

<li><a href="#mynewtab">My New Tab</a></li>

in contents.tpl add this:

<div id="mynewtab">
contents of tab here

now you will see new tab item named My New Tab.

you have to do the same for all other modules that you want to use in product Tab section, 

remember to use different id="" and different href="" params - these params must be unique for each tab

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