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i want to add new option in the "attribute type" in Attributes and Values. not want to add values for attributes

I understand what you want and realize you must be a developer since you would have to rebuild Prestashop to enable a new type in that drop down list and for all articles.  Since I'm a little curious I wonder if you could let us know what this new option would be or does this need to be a secret?

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The option is being displayed in the option list, but not working.

If I changes the id of radio , then also it is being not reflected in table attribute_group.

I can change its look out and action in front end but  I m curious to know I can add new option at back end.

I want to add button like colors containing values.

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Hi afshop

Just add the value type in enum of 'group_type' of 'PS_Attribute_Group' table and then add same value in your AdminAttributesGroupsController in admin controllers in renderForm().

After that go to your product.tpl file in your themes and add after line 328 this html for that.

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