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where to find {$template}


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It's a hook, so it will execute modules that are assigned to it. If you are asking in which file is HOOK_HOME, then it's in index.tpl, but it won't help. Even if it would it is not a good solution because other modules that were assigned to this hook will be shown on all pages. It's better to hook it to the top (header). You will need to modify a module, make it hookable to page header, and theme's styles a little.

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thanks for your answer...


i found a module from http://mypresta.eu/modules/slider-slideshow/homeslider-on-top.html.


and i got what i need..


nw i understand about hook...


now i have to move the quick search module to the page center for home page,product list,product details.


if you have any idea please help. i am new to ps..

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