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Modules not updating


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Let me start by saying this site was migrated from one server to our new server.


It is PrestaShop™, and I am using a modified version of the default theme. The link is: http://thecoveredlintroller.com/index.php.


I fixed one module (block_social) by renaming it to blocksocial2 along with all references to blocksocial and then installing it.


Now I am having trouble doing thing same with the block_cms. It's much more complicated and I'm not able to change the name without creating new tables I think.


The site used to look like the attached, but now you can see the footer is messed up.   What do I do?


I have confirmed the files on the server reflect what they should. I have cleared cache, turned it off and forced compile. I'm running out of ideas!


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