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Css loadin problem


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When mywebsite start it is loading some block module css files that dont exist.



blockrss.css and some other blocks 

the modules are running fine but those css file art causingthe site to load slower.


Any ideas


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these files exist, but they are empty: http://rumapromet.rs/modules/blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.css,

this file overrides original module file, you can't remove it, it must be there. 

because if you remove it, your module will use original file and it will not work as it should (if you use different than default theme, or default theme with large modifications)


to avoid errors, you can put there /* comment */

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thanx, did the job, I no longer have connection error becaus of those files.

Just hope the next presta version will be quicker. 

I haderlier versions on other sites they are two times quicker then latest one. Just terible.

Thanx anyway

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