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hook for new order status creation


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$orderState = new OrderState();
			$orderState->name = array();
			foreach (Language::getLanguages() AS $language)
				if (strtolower($language['iso_code']) == 'fr')
				$orderState->name[$language['id_lang']] = 'Autorisation acceptée par PayPal';
					$orderState->name[$language['id_lang']] = 'Authorization accepted from PayPal';
			$orderState->send_email = false;
			$orderState->color = '#DDEEFF';
			$orderState->hidden = false;
			$orderState->delivery = false;
			$orderState->logable = true;
			$orderState->invoice = true;
			if ($orderState->add())

a part of paypal module, full solution ;) just use own translations, colors etc.

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