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Supplier Images not displaying on Back office


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I have a custom controller which is able to create a new supplier. I use the following code to create the supplier with the images:

$supplier = new Supplier();
$supplier->name = $vendorapp->company_name;
$supplier->description = $vendorapp->description;
$supplier->active = true;
$supplierid = $supplier->save();
if(isset($vendorapp->file_name) && file_exists(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'../upload/'.$vendorapp->file_name))
	rename(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'../upload/'.$vendorapp->file_name, _PS_SUPP_IMG_DIR_.$vendorapp->file_name);
	$images_types = ImageType::getImagesTypes('suppliers');
	foreach ($images_types as $k => $image_type)
		$file = _PS_SUPP_IMG_DIR_.$vendorapp->file_name;
		ImageManager::resize($file, _PS_SUPP_IMG_DIR_.$supplier->id.'-'.stripslashes($image_type['name']).'.jpg', (int)$image_type['width'], (int)$image_type['height']);

The images generate perfectly in the /img/su folder and are named [supplier_id]-[image_type].jpg for example 15-large_default.jpg


On the supplier block, I can view the image perfectly. But on the back office, Catalog -> Suppliers - There is no image displaying.


Any idea why or how to solve?

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