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Display lowest price of the products which have multi attributes priced


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Currently on our website, when we list our products in multiple variations it shows the highest priced item before clicking into the actual item, is there a way to show the lowest price instead of the highest price.


eg. for the Japanese Wooden Sushi Boat Platter product it has show the 90cm attributes price(£51.60) in the product list, but i have want to show the lowest price of this product, which is 50cm attributes price (£35.80) in the product list. can everyone help me how can i do with it, thanks a lot.




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thx for your reply El Patron, do you mean is create another attribute, set the price is 0.00 and make it as default?

if  in this case then it will just show the price is 0.00 is the product list, thx.

actually, your product has the base price...so it would not show 0.00 in the front office...so the default attribute would be have 0.00 impact on the base price.

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