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Search Doesnt Work, Add to Cart Confirmation and Product Description Bug


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Hello everyone, we are having some major/minor issues with our site (http://destroypop.com/prestashop/en/) at the moment and would like some input from the community on how to best approach these:



When clicking on the "add to cart" button there is no confirmation that the product was successfully added.


When in the checkout page, there is no way to remove an item from the cart but to set its quantity to zero.


The search bar doesn't work


Add to cart on the frontpage does not work


When a customer has logged in, the "login" button doesn't change to "logout" making it impossible for the user to know if he is actually logged in.


For some items, the description shows multiple times on the product browsing page See:http://destroypop.co...tashop/en/3-men



Thanks In advance for your help

Regards PKoonnil


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