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How and where to call javascript function on back office


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Good day,




on price.js  i created a function like:


public function myFunction(){




and on price.tpl i added custom input just below Pre tax retail price



<td><input type="text" name="custom_input" class=''custom_input" value=""></td>



i would my function to called when i hit the save button and verify if the input is correct like:

.....alert('your input is not a number, please input a proper value'),


can someone please point me to the right direction where to call the function 'myFunction' so that it will prompt the user to input a proper value before even saving the value into the database..

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Vekia Good day!


thanks for giving the link for javascript form validation. but what i really want to know is where do I place or call the function 'myFunction' so that when I click the save button on the header the value will be validated first before it is being saved..

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