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translastions not working properly on my site


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I can't seem to figure out why parts of my site are not translating properly.   I have a few spots that are doing this.   I can see the areas translated properly in my site.  but it seems to only pull up the english.   Below is whats in the file.   its in my themes/mods   folder.

Attached so you can see it wrong on the site and then it in the translation area is there.


I would apreciate any help.

<!-- MODULE Block advertising -->
<div id="advertising_block" class="p_box">
    <h4 id="up_down_advertising">{l s='In to media' mod='blockadvertising'} <div id="button_advertising" class="button_up_down down" ></div></h4>
    <div class="top" id="advertising_box">
        <div class="bottom">
            <div class="inner_box">
            	<a href="{$adv_link}" title="{$adv_title}"><img src="{$image}" alt="{$adv_title}" title="{$adv_title}" width="248" height="148"/></a>
                <p>{l s='DevilsOwn Injection been featured in endless magazines, websites, videos, and on TV.' mod='blockadvertising'}</p>
<!-- /MODULE Block advertising -->


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