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Hi I installed this module today and I was testing it out and for some reason when you sign up for the newsletter it will tell you that the email is already signed up when its not ... but the thing is it displays that error, but continues on with the inserting it into the database and sending a confirmation email ? Does anybody have this module and know how to get this to stop ?


This is the blocknewsletter module.


here is what it looks like when i use a new unused email ... what it does is it sends then confirmation email out and it adds it to the tables and everything...




Here is the confirmation email that was sent from it... even tho it is saying that it is already registered error...




Here is a image of where i think the error is being generated... the else if ($_POST['action'] == '0' 




Thank you for your help here is also the link to the website and the block is at the very bottom right ... and it looks like this ... 







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