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Shipping Setup Help (Fedex, USPS confusion)

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Hello everyone,


I'm running Prestashop and I'm trying to set up shipping. I've installed the Fedex Module 1.3 and USPS module 1.3.2. I've made FedEx and USPS accounts and entered the creditials asked for.  I got the Fedex module to say "Connect to Fedex is configured and online" and the creditials it used was account, meter number, password and authentication key. I still need to call USPS because I'm getting an authorization failure.


My main question is what are these modules supposed to do? In my shipping -> Carriers I see lots of FedEx and USPS options now. I'm thinking the module put them there but I honestly can't remember what it looked like before.


In Products I entered a Width, Length, Depth, and Weight for an item. However, I was having problems with it not showing my Fedex carrier options on checkout. If I go into FedEx ground on Shipping ->Carriers. I was able to make it show up during checkout by putting a number in the range for North America. But it doesn't look like the image in the bottom of the page here: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/prestashop-15/pshop15-modules/configure-fedex-module Mine just has a general truck and doesn't say Fedex. If I disable my FedEx module, it still appears so I wonder if it isn't using the module at all?


If I do need to edit each one in Carriers, how do I figure out the correct number for the range? What are the modules supposed to do? I mean what part do the modules take care of and what part do I need to setup in Prestashop? 



Thanks so much for all the help! :)

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I'm having the exact questions about the difference between the USPS module and the presta shop menu for shipping and carrier set up. 


I've received my ID from USPS.  I've performed the Request and Response test with the XML tags.  I've called them and received permission to be on the production server.


Now I've tried to configure the USPS module with all the weight, pricing and shipping information for my products. 


When I check out it still says free shipping and that no carrier has been made available for this selection.  I am confused as to where I'm not filling something out correctly. 


Did you ever resolve this problem?  If so could you please help me figure it out.  I'm supposed to have this up and running for my client in about 2 weeks.   I've been on this problem for 3 days and have not found an answer.


I thank you in advance.



Sorry,  forgot to mention that I'm running 1.6

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