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How to change Add to cart buttons for different parts of my site?


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I am trying to make some changes to my Add to Cart buttons. When I modify one, the rest of them change throughout the site. On my site www dot savvy marina dot com; if you select 'Brands' on the navigation menu and go to that page you will see "View Products" button (this is really the manufacturer page). It is very large and I can't get the lettering to go from left to right. So I've tried to change the size. It didn't work. Now, if you add something to the shopping cart, and look at the drop down in the top right corner, you will see the same size button that says "Check out." Now if you go to Products in the navigation menu and click on Maintenance then scroll down and you will see some products when you hover over those products... Same looking buttons!! I can't seem to change one without changing the rest!! If you know what I need to do to change each individual one please let me know, THANK YOU!

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you have to use css styles based on id of your BODY element

for example, 


homepage has got <body id="index">, manufactures has got <body id="manufactures">


it mean that you can define "parent" element




#manufacturers #add_to_cart {styles here} - this style will work only on manufacturers page

#index .ajax_add_to_cart_button {styles here} - this style will work only on homepage

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Does anyone know where I add these in global.css? I'm trying to change the add to cart button so they are all different.[/size]

the answer is:

these styles by default dont exist. you have to create them to "overwrite" global button settings.[/size]

it doesnt matter where you paste these styles. you can paste them at the begining of file, in the middle or at the very end. everything depends on you


this is why no replies here

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